Priority Issues

There are many issues facing our community, but as your MP, I will work on several key priorities that I believe must be addressed urgently.


Reimagine politics & democracy

Our democracy requires urgent reform, so that every individual has a real say in how politics is done. I will prioritise the implementation of proportional representation (PR), which will ensure that no vote is wasted and that tacitcal voting will become a thing of the past. By introducing PR for electing MPs and local councillors in England, we aim to create a political landscape where no voice is overlooked and every political perspective is fairly represented. I will also champion the transfer of powers away from Westminster, giving more autonomy to the nations and regions of the UK and strengthening local governments as part of a more equitable federal structure.


High quality health & social care

Our NHS is in crisis, demanding immediate action. I pledge to support the right for everyone to see a GP within seven days, or within 24 hours for urgent cases, through investments in GP training, recruitment, and retention. Additionally, I will advocate for a legal right for cancer patients to start treatment within two months of an urgent referral. In social care, I am committed to ensuring no one has to sell their home for care, by introducing free personal care, following the model set by the Liberal Democrats in Scotland in 2002.


Re-build our broken economy

We need to re-build our broken economy with a forward-thinking approach. I will champion closer integration with UK’s major trade partners such as the EU. At the same time, an immediate investment in green infrastructure, innovation, and skills development across the nation is crucial to create jobs, drive prosperity, and address climate change. Furthermore, reforming business rates is essential to revitalise our high streets, providing much-needed support to local businesses and communities. Together, these strategies will lay the foundation for a sustainable and inclusive economic future.


Protect nature & the planet

Our goal is to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2045. We plan to significantly invest in renewable energy, aiming for 80% of the UK’s electricity from renewables by 2030. For households, we’ll offer free energy retrofits for low-income homes and substantial tax incentives for others to reduce energy consumption, emissions, and fuel bills, moving towards ending fuel poverty and reducing reliance on gas. Sewage dumping must also end, which we will accomplish by┬ábanning bonuses for water company executives until sewage discharges are fully addressed, and instituting a tougher regulator to replace Ofwat with enhanced powers.


Defend human rights

I believe the UK’s commitment to human rights is a cornerstone of our national identity, yet it is facing unprecedented attacks and challenges. I am dedicated to championing the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), ensuring all legislation is compliant with it. To address the complex issue of small boat crossings, I propose implementing an asylum visa that can be applied for from overseas, tackling the issue at its root. Internationally, I advocate for a durable ceasefire between Israel and Gaza and strongly support a two-state solution, believing that peace and respect for human rights are crucial for a stable future in the region.


If elected as your MP, I have set several specific goals and actions that I plan to take

Proposing and supporting legislation that advances progressive politics and a fairer deal
Holding regular surgeries, listening to you and working for you year-round, to fight ceaselessly for your rights.
Collaborating with LibDem colleagues and everyone inside and outside politics who support our priorities
Exploring radical solutions to our broken political system, such as the orgnasiation of Citizens' Assemblies.

I want to hear the issues that matter to you

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