Michael Wang


I believe now is the time for bold policies, based on committed principles and speaking truth to power.

On this website, you will find information about my background, my vision for the future, and the key priorities that guide my work.

Priority Issues

There are many issues facing our community, but as your MP, I will work on several key priorities that I believe must be addressed urgently.

Reimagine politics & democracy

Implement PR to give voters the choice they deserve, and explore redistribution of power away from Westminster.

High quality health & social care

Increase funding and staffing for the NHS, introducing GP and cancer guarantees, and reforming social care.

Re-build our broken economy

Championing EU integration, humane immigration and small businesses to grow the economy.

Protect nature & the planet

Towards Net Zero by 2045, invest without delay in renewables, and hold water companies to account for sewage dumping.

Defend human rights

Calling for a durable ceasefire in Israel and Gaza, and provide a real solution to small boats by establising an asylum visa.

Vision & Beliefs

I am guided by a set of core values and beliefs:


If elected as your MP, I have set several specific goals and actions that I plan to take

Proposing and supporting legislation that advances progressive politics and a fairer deal
Holding regular surgeries, listening to you and working for you year-round, to fight ceaselessly for your rights.
Collaborating with LibDem colleagues and everyone inside and outside politics who support our priorities
Exploring radical solutions to our broken political system, such as the orgnasiation of Citizens' Assemblies.

I want to hear the issues that matter to you

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