Michael Wang proud to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for Hove & Portslade

The Liberal Democrats have selected Michael Wang to be their parliamentary candidate for the next general election. Michael is an immigration law practitioner who is proud to call Brighton and Hove his home. He has also been volunteering to support Ukrainians on the government schemes since the start of the war. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the piano (Chopin being his favourite).

During the campaign, he hopes to dedicate his time speaking to Hove & Portslade residents in person. He says: “I want to listen to your issues and propose truly liberal and progressive solutions. Our country deserves a real alternative. While it is clear that the Conservative government has been a disaster for thecountry and Hove & Portslade, Labour has increasingly become too timid in many policy areas. As the Liberal Democrat candidate, I will be very proud to offer the many progressive policies of the Liberal
Democrat Party, including: boost growth through urgent green investment and closer integration with Europe, introduce a right to GP appointment within 7 days, push for an immediate and durable ceasefire in Gaza, establish an asylum visa to solve the root cause of small boats crossings, and fight for proportional representation.”

He feels very privileged to be a candidate for the local community. He believes that as a community, a country and our only planet, we can’t wait any longer for bold policies, formed based on committed principles and speaking truth to power. In this connection, he invites all friends interested in social justice, human rights, and sustainable and equitable developement to join him on this journey.

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